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A Commitment of Excellence in Custom Metal & Steel Fabrication

Manly Steel is committed to the task of providing quality custom metal and steel fabrications. Manly Steel is a company that has evolved over the last 123 years to meet or exceed our customer’s requirements with on time delivery at competitive prices. We accomplish this by fostering an environment that stresses pride, continuous improvement, teamwork, innovation, safety and growth to meet the needs of our ever growing customers.


Manly Steel recognizes that growth and success in the 21st century will be predicated on overall customer satisfaction. To this end, we have cultivated a work culture that provides our customers with on-time delivery of materials that consistently comply with all standards, specifications, and requirement set by our customers’ needs. Employees throughout the organization are empowered and motivated to maintain a level of performance that is unparalleled by our competitors.


As a manufacturer, we are aware of the additional costs and scheduling conflicts that delivery delays can cause. We have reviewed the problems that cause these delays and instituted procedures to ensure that your parts reach you on time.


At Manly Steel, we are dedicated to serving our customers. We understand that each customer has unique needs, and we are committed to providing every customer with the specific requirements and services they require. The most important part of our work is client satisfaction.

Brief Historical Overview of Manly Steel

Founded in 1888, Manly Steel is rich in family history and has evolved over the years as the economy and generations have changed. Originally founded and operated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Manly and Cooper Mfg. Company) built all kinds of ornamental steel railings, stairs, jails, fences etc. Including the fence that is still standing around Thomas Jefferson’s grave and family cemetery at Monticello.

Late in 1887 Robert Manly sold the company in Philadelphia and started a new business in Dalton, Georgia. The business was incorporated as the “Manly Manufacturing Co,” and was opened in 1888 just west of the Crown Cotton Mills.

On January 15, 1889, Frank Manly, only 22, opened his own company Manly Machine Company. The next year according to the Chattanooga Times in Feb. 1889 “The Manly Manufacturing Co. has recently has taken control of the Dalton Iron Foundry and Machine Shop. Manly Mfg. has heretofore only been manufacturing ornamental iron and combination iron and woodwork, but with the new addition, they can build anything from an iron ring to a stationary engine. They just closed a contract for a large output for a Minnesota city. This looks as if Dalton was reaching out.”

Finally in 1906 Frank started Manly Jail works as a separate operation in the same building with the Manly Machine Company foundry. The letterhead said “The first and only Steel Jail Works in the South.” Jailwork was the salvation of the company. From the early years, there have been second generation and third generations of the family to continue the family business.

In the 1940’s Manly originated the “Cow Horn” Creel for Carpet Tufting Machines. Since 1978 Manly went on to patent swinging creels which saved one-half the space for ring twisters in yarn manufacturing.

As times have evolved Manly gradually changed into making equipment for the carpet and yarn industry, selling steel in stock or cut lengths as a steel warehouse, and making equipment for the concrete septic tank industry. In addition to creels for carpet making, there have been roll-up machines, inspection frames, automotive carpet ovens and presses, buggies, racks, and similar items. For the latex Industry, there have been pressure storage tanks, scale compounding tanks, and delivery tankers.

The Manly’s introduced nylon tubing to yarn manufacturing on ring twisters for floor and overhead creels. A patent was obtained by Judson Manly Jr. on a swinging creel for ring twisters. Steel forms for precasting concrete septic tanks and self-loading and unloading rig trucks for tank delivery and installation were made for one company which sold them nationwide for over 40 years.

In 1972 a modern 45000 square foot building was erected on ten acres of land in Whitfield Industrial park. Later the fourth generation began working with the company. As stated by W. Judson Manly Jr. in 1988 Manly Steel believes in the family business. “The company is the only family-owned manufacturer, and the second of any type of business, to have one hundred years in Dalton. The current plant foundation goes to rock, there is land for expansion, and a new trained generation is ready to carry on. The second hundreds years ought to be easier.”

Corporate Charter

The company was incorporated in 1963 as “Manly Jail Works, Inc”, to continue to recognize the companies more than 50 year reputation at that time in building secure prison work. By 1972 the company’s other products had grown so large and the now discontinued jail work was already so small that the companies’ Trade name was changed to “Manly Steel”.