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Steel Fabrication & Cut to Length Services

Manly Steel is a fabrication facility making large or small products from all shapes of steel components which may also include sheets or plates from 1/16 inch (16 GA) to 1 inch thick. The plant is a 45,000 square foot facility with high bays, variable speed traveling cranes, electric doors up to 18 ft x 24 ft, on 10 acres in Industrial Park beside railroad, acres of fenced storage and parking, 1-ton personal jib work cranes, 16 ft X 16 ft X 32 ft paint booth with crane slot and airless guns, and a very large inventory (hot rolled steel, cold finished steel, angles, flats, rounds, squares, channel, beams, structural pipe, tubing, sheets, plates, reinforcing, floor plate, expanded metal, bar grating, and stainless and aluminum). We have extensive abilities to Shear, Punch, Saw, Form or Bend, Weld, and deliver or ship fabricated products and also sell steel as a steel warehouse.

Steel Services

Manly Steel for generations has maintained the largest and most diversified warehouse steel stock in our area for the benefit of individual, business, or government customers in Whitfield and surrounding counties. Knowledgeable and personal service has been a tradition. We stock hot rolled steel, cold finished steel, angles, flats, rounds, squares, channel, beams, structural pipe, sheets 1/16 inch (16 GA) and r plates up to 1 inch thick, reinforcing, floor plate, expanded metal, and stainless and aluminum. We can quote cutting our material for you without a long delay and cut in a pattern to reduce bar-end scrap when possible. Customers may pick up at our plant or we can deliver in our area.

Metal Shearing Services

Manly Steel can economically shear flat material furnished by us on our 3/8″ X 10 ft shear which has a squaring arm and direct reading adjustable back gage. We can shear mild carbon steel sheets and plates and flat bars up to 3/8″ thick, expanded metal up to 3/8″ total thickness, aluminum up to 3/8″ thick, and stainless up to 1/4″ thick. We can cut thicker material by other means such as plasma or oxy-acetylene.

Punching Services

Manly steel can punch steel, aluminum, and stainless steel furnished by us on a variety of machines from single end punches on up to 3/4″ plate to multipunching thinner material on a press brake. We have a 175 ton press brake which allows multipunching up to 12 ft per stroke on mild steel up to 3/8″ thick. Please contact us for quotes on specific needs.

Sawing/Cutting Services

Manly Steel can saw steel, aluminum, or stainless steel furnished by us on vertical band saws capable of sawing individual stock lengths or bundles. Tilting capability allows mitered cuts when needed and automatic feed reduces cost. The cutting accuracy from automatic feed and reduced burr from sawing may reduce secondary cost. We can also cut with plasma, CNC plasma cutter, Oxy-acetylene torches and radiographs.

Forming Services

Manly Steel has a 400 ton capacity multispeed press brake with a 16 ft bed to bend or form material that we furnish. This extremely versatile machine can do heavy bending up to 1/2″ plate or thicker depending on our dies but can also be used for short strokes at faster speeds at reduced tonnage to economically bend bars or sheet down to 1/16″ thick and in short lengths. With the 12 inch stroke and high tonnage the machine is suitable for dies that we might design to do all kinds of forming for repeating production jobs. We solicit your inquires.

Welding Services

Manly Steel has MIG welders up to 400 amps for “in house” welding of carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

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